Shantel Asante-Kissi: Better in Brussels

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Shantel Asante-Kissi: Better in Brusselss

Shantel Asante-Kissi is a real estate developer who has lived all over the world. Born and raised in Chicago, she’s spent time in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and New Jersey before relocating to Brussels, Belgium with her husband of 25 years and two children. She has completely caught the travel bug in Europe and uses travel as a way to educate her children. Hear how her experience was getting started in Belgium, the biggest lifestyle changes compared to the U.S., and navigating the financial and tax landscape.

Shantel’s Blaxit Blueprint:

1. Declaring Your Intention: Shantel recognized that the racial climate in the U.S. was not the best environment to enable her children to flourish. The safety of Brussels and its proximity to many other countries within Europe now serves as the backdrop of their global classroom.

2. Get the Support You Need: Shantel and her husband have developed a rhythm over the course of their 25-year marriage. Part of what enables them to manage extended time away from one another includes encouraging Shantel to get the help she needs. Shantel credits this for her ability to adapt and adjust to change.

3. Family Motto: Kissi’s family motto continues to guide their life pursuits, “connect to as many people and places as possible and you’ll identify your passions”. Shantel is enjoying this new phase of her life as a trailing spouse and fully embraces what lies ahead.

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