Blaxit Global 2021 Summer Reading List

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2021 Summer Reading List

Summertime is the perfect time to crack open a book to do research and gather inspiration for your move abroad.  The Blaxit Global 2021 Summer Reading List is curated by our members and will help stoke your desires of wanderlust. Enjoy!

American Runaway – Black and Free in Paris in the Trump Years by Audrey Edwards
Journalist Audrey Edwards shares how the election of America’s 45th President opened the door to a life of freedom in Paris. In this collection of essays, Edwards shares her journey navigating culture and racial bias, while the political events unfolded in America.

We Out. How to End Our Abusive Relationship with AmeriKKKa: Volume 1: The Blueprint by J. Freedom 
According to the author J. Freedom, “the time has come for African-Americans to come to terms with their abusive relationship with America and decide if they will stay and accept their place in society as less-than, keep fighting a losing battle or relocate to another country”.

Traveling While Black: Essays Inspired by a Life on the Move by Nanjala Nyabola
Black people are all too familiar with the impact of racism and colonization. As we endeavor to travel the world, issues of identity and belonging become amplified and more complex as we navigate new surroundings and challenging assumptions. This book delves into the author’s journey through a series of essays.

Quitting America: The Departure of a Black Man from His Native Land by Randall Robinson
Randall Robinson recounts how the mass incarceration of Black Americans and the erosion of democracy gave way to him leaving the U.S. for the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, his wife’s native country. 

The Shift: U.S.A. to S.A. – A Step by Step Guide to Relocating to South Africa by Latasha Blanton
From breathtaking scenery to sun-soaked coasts, city life to adventure, wildlife to culture, South Africa has so much to offer. If South Africa is on your Blaxit country list, getting tips from someone who has made the move is invaluable for making your transition smooth.

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