How to Plan Your Blaxit Using Nomad List

Nomadlist is a great tool to help you establish research the cost of living in several cities around the world. This video will walk you through how to use the tool.

Video Transcript:
Hey guys Victoria here. I hope you all are doing well wherever you are in the world and staying safe. I wanted to share this really neat tool called

It’s a tool for people who are looking to relocate or even if you’ve already relocated and you want to become a digital nomad, a nomad, or just get the hell out of dodge. This site offers a lot of practical, useful information for things that you want to know about places where you want to live.

So I’m gonna click on Istanbul, just to kind of show you how it works. The landing page of the city is going to have like the overall scores for things like quality of life temperature…safety…is it LGBTQ safe? Is it female safe? Is it a happy place? How are the hospitals? Is it good traffic or bad traffic?Then you can click on the Nomad Guide, the next tab over and it’s going to give you information about the general climate, the weather, the best neighborhood decided to stay…travel insurance. Do you know do they tip in this particular city? I mean really nuanced information that you probably can’t easily find on the internet. Then you can click on the cost of living tab. And this is really useful because it gives you the cost of living for a nomad, for expat, or for a family, for actual local you know, who’s been there for more than a year or so, and then just the individual costs for like hotels and Airbnb with links that you can actually click on to see those listings.

You can see the pros and cons. This is all information that’s crowdsourced from members of the site and just digital nomads who come on here to report their experiences. Like these are the pro’s…this is what I liked about the city…this is what I didn’t like about the city.

And that’s like an overview. You could also click on the review tab where you can kind of read the stories of people. You know, just what they thought about the place and I really like it. I like reading you know the stories of how people experienced a particular place, and

it matters like how long they were there, what they were there for. So a lot of times, you can read that on the reviews tab. You can see a lot of information on here, like the people in this particular community who are there right now…if you’re looking to work remotely, you can look up co-working spaces and cities all over the world.

You can see photos uploaded by people who are part of this particular community. And you can also see Remote Jobs and stuff that are available in this particular city, or just available remotely.

So let’s just say you were looking at Instanbul, but you’re like, “Oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s too expensive or it’s too…”, something is not exactly what you were looking for in your research. You can click on the near or next tab to see cities nearby. So let’s say you don’t want to go straight to a city but you want to search out what you want. So, I want to live in a mild temperature place. I want to live in Europe or Oceana for $750 a month and I want it to be family-friendly. So that’s important for me. So I’m going to click family-friendly.

And you can see nothing came up.

“Having a place that’s family-friendly is really important to me”.

Victoria Childress

And it’s probably because I have family-friendly on there for $750 a month. When I removed family-friendly, it gave me these three listings, but family-friendly. Having a place that’s family-friendly is really important to me. So when I put that back but remove the $750, it gives me all of these places in Europe that are, you know, within my filter, within my search and what I want. So, I need up my monthly budget.

So let’s just say I click on the Canary Islands, and when I click there, it’s going to give me all of the islands within the Canary Islands. And you can see just the kind of the overall cost of living the temperature and things like that. So when you go on to the site, you’re going to use it for so much and then it’s going to give you this pop up that says you’ve used your free usage limit or you’ve exceeded it, so they’re gonna ask you to pay. You can choose a little light membership for 10 bucks, but they do have a seven-day money-back guarantee. It’s not something you have to like call them or email them. You can go into your account within seven days, not after, and request a refund and they’ll give you a refund right away. I hope you find this useful.

Check out Nomad List at

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