Eve Clark: “Disabled Diva Travels”

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Eve Clark, “The Disabled Diva”, is a retired construction company owner currently riding out the pandemic in Bali, Indonesia. A diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis 24 years ago and a lung disease 2 years ago, hasn’t stopped her and her husband, Melvin from embarking on their “Retirement World Tour”. They’ve traveled to over 44 countries and have set their sights on Costa Rica as their permanent retirement country. Eve shares her experiences living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, how she navigates the healthcare landscape in different countries, and her efforts to inspire and bring awareness to challenges of the disabled traveler. 

Eve’s Blaxit Blueprint:

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Design the Life You Want- Originally from Chicago, Eve spent many years in Dallas, Texas, adjusting her career over time to allow for more travel and remote work. Eve has a passion for helping small businesses through diversity and inclusion programs and mentoring others that suffer from Bronchiectasis and other autoimmune diseases. 
  2. Navigate with Intention – Eve refuses to allow her disability and illnesses to prevent her and her co-captain, Melvin from living the life of their dreams. Eve methodically researches the healthcare infrastructure of each country she travels to in order to manage her illnesses.  As part of her planning, Eve ensures she has adequate supplies of her medications.  
  3. Family Preparation – Eve spent 6 years prepping her family for her move abroad.  She uses technology to stay connected to her children and grandchildren.  Eve plans to make a return to the United States to celebrate her mother’s 90th birthday. 

Follow Eve on Instagram: @disabled.diva.travels 

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