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Raychelle Heath

Raychelle Heath is a poet, artist, wellness practitioner, and podcaster currently based in Costa Rica. Raychelle left the U.S. for the Marshall Islands in 2007 and has spent most of her time between there and Mexico ever since. Hear what she’s learned living in such a remote location, her tips on meditation and detachment, and how to pivot and stay flexible.

Raychelle’s Blaxit Blueprint:

  1. Explore Your Curiosity: Raychelle was born and raised in South Carolina, where her parents made her feel comfortable traveling the world. She officially caught the travel bug after a middle school class trip to Cancún, Mexico.
  2. Lead with Intention: The re-election of President George W. Bush, among other factors, served as the final push for Raychelle to lean into her desire to live abroad. She relocated far away from home to the Marshall Islands where she became a teacher.
  3. Practice Mindfulness: During her time in the Marshall Islands, Raychelle discovered a love of yoga and meditation. She now teaches meditation and utilizes mindfulness practices to help her manage through the pandemic and the many challenges that come along with living abroad.

Connect with Raychelle: Black Women in Wellness on Facebook; Black Women in Wellness; Raychelle Heath Official Website, Instagram: @bwiw_interviews

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