Wanda Duncan: Digital Nomad in Albania

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Wanda Duncan is the Founder of the Black Women Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs Facebook group and Host of the Black Women Travel Podcast. She’s been a digital nomad since 2016 and has lived in several countries across Europe and Asia. She was first inspired to travel internationally after watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and hasn’t looked back. Hear how to prepare for a new city as a digital nomad, adjust once you get there, and what she loves about the food and walkability of Albania.

The International Black Women’s Jubilee is coming back this year!! It all takes place December 4th – December 5th, 2021. Learn more by visiting their website.

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Chrishan Wright is an award-winning digital marketing expert and creator of Blaxit Global. She is a loving mother to two children, an avid traveler, and an aspiring expat. Since creating Blaxit Global, Chrishan's been featured in The New York Times, Huffpost, PBS, InStyle Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, Travel Noire, and more. Chrishan is the recipient of the "40 Under Forty" award from The Network Journal Magazine. In 2019, Chrishan was recognized for her work on the Advil PM brand with the Gold ARF David Ogilvy Award.

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