Thea Duncan: Making it in Milan

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Thea Duncan is the Founder of Doing Italy, an online training company that helps people gain the knowledge they need to move to Italy with ease while avoiding many of the pitfalls that negatively affect other expats when moving abroad. 

Trinidad and Tobago-born, and Miami-raised, Duncan spent much of her life traveling the globe, before Italy captured her heart. She studied for her master’s degree at Milan’s Bocconi University in the early 2000s, later holding roles with some of Italy’s most storied fashion and design houses – including Gucci and Luxottica. 

Doing Italy, which began as Duncan’s effort to connect with travelers and curate her Milan, now offers the opportunity to get an even more authentic understanding of Italian culture by helping them move abroad. The company offers 1:1 sessions and group coaching where students dive into just about everything a foreigner should know about moving to Italy. This includes insights into the Italian job market, to why, if an Italian home announcement says an apartment is unfurnished, it most likely means you literally need to bring your own kitchen sink.

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  • Black girl interested in moving abroad from New Jersey. I am a 51 year old teacher and I am in school right now for my Master’s in Education. I have just a few questions for Thea. Not sure if the course (which seems closed) is necessary at this time. I am just beginning to act on a 6 year old dream.

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