Tiffany Smith: My Journey to Saudi Arabia

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In this episode, I chat with Tiffany Smith, one of my students in the Blaxit Global Move Abroad course about her journey to Saudi Arabia.

Tiffany Smith knows what it is like to have to reinvent yourself and start over. She is a Learning Experience (LX) Designer/Instructional Designer in Organizational and Workplace Learning.

Tiffany has lived and worked in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for the last four years.  Prior to becoming an LX Designer, she worked as a network engineer. Tiffany combined her passion for technology and learning and development to morph into the instructional designer she is today.

Connect with Tiffany:

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Chrishan Wright is an award-winning digital marketing expert and creator of Blaxit Global. She is a loving mother to two children, an avid traveler, and an aspiring expat. Since creating Blaxit Global, Chrishan's been featured in The New York Times, Huffpost, PBS, InStyle Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, Travel Noire, and more. Chrishan is the recipient of the "40 Under Forty" award from The Network Journal Magazine. In 2019, Chrishan was recognized for her work on the Advil PM brand with the Gold ARF David Ogilvy Award.

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  • I am interested in knowing more about Blaxit. My daughter has been talking to me about wanting us to make a move because of the climate of this country. I would like to know if it’s for us, what do we do first. How do we fine the right place for us. What about jobs. Can you please help us with what we need and where to start.

    • Hi Tonya,

      Thank you so much for your note. Yes, the tide is changing in the U.S. for the worse. You and your daughter are wise to pursue moving abroad as a viable option. A better life is available to you and you have options. I invite you both to join us inside of our private community, Blaxit Global Passport. We have loads of resources to support you.

      Additionally, if you want to understand the step-by-step process of designing your life abroad, the Blaxit Global Move Abroad course is currently available for a limited time. This is a self-pace course that covers everything you need for your move (ie: finances, country selection, jobs, etc)

      We currently have 8 members in Portugal on their scouting trips and their journies are proof that it is possible. I look forward to supporting you in yours.


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