140 Things to Minimize for Your Move Abroad

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Thank you to Stac_y With No E for creating this comprehensive list.

Clear the Clutter & Lighten Your Load

Alarm & Wall Clocks
Already Conquered & Never Played Video Games
Artwork That No Longer Speaks To You
Bent Utensils
Blankets & Comforters That Are Frayed
Board & Card Games
Books – You Know What You Don’t Read
Brooms with Worn & Frayed Bristles
Bumper Stickers
Bundles of Grocery Store Plastic & Paper Bags
Business Cards
Cables & Chargers From Devices You Don’t Have
Cables & Chargers That Are Frayed or Don’t Work
Calendars Camcorder & Cameras
Candles You Don’t Like or Have Burnt Out
Cassette & VHS Tapes
Certificates, Awards & Diplomas
Clothing That Does Not Flatter Your Figure
Clothing That Does Not Match Your New Climate
Coffee & End Tables
Couches & Chairs
Cover Letters & Resumes
Cracked Dishes
Dead Batteries
Dead Plants
Dining Room Table Placemats
Dressers & Chests
Dried Glues
Dried Nail Polish
Dried Paint
Dry Cleaner Hangers & Bags
Dull Knives
Duplicate Tools
Dusty & Uninspiring Plastic Plants
Empty Boxes From Your Delivered Goods
Empty Jars & Containers
Empty Product Bottles & Containers
Excess Coasters
Excessive Office Supplies
Expired Coupons
Expired Food In The Pantry, Cabinets, Refrigerator & Freezer(s) Expired Makeup
Expired Medication
Falling Apart Belts
Free & Promotional Items
Hard To Stack & Store Kitchen Pots & Pans
Hats That You Don’t Wear or Don’t Fit Your With Your Hair or Head High School & College Transcripts
Holiday Cards
I Didn’t Look Right On Me Makeup
I No Longer Host Parties at My House Party Supplies & Decor
I Used To Do These Sports & Activities Paraphernalia
I Wish That I Can Fit These Clothes Clothing
Inaccurate Prescription Glasses & Contact Lenses
It No Longer Smells Good Air Fresheners
Jewelry That Has Lost Its Mate
Jewelry That Is Broken, Has Tarnished or That You Don’t Wear Junk Mail
Key Chains & Lanyards To Jobs You Used To Have
Keys To Places That You Used To Live
Keys To Storage Units That You Used To Have
Loose Change – Use It For Items You Need
Media Units
Medical Records
Membership Cards – They Can All Be Stored On One App
Mismatch Containers & Lids
Mismatch Cutlery
Mops That Don’t Leave Your Floors Smelling Clean
Multiple Hair Combs & Brushes
No Longer Fluffy Pillows
No Longer Used Ice Cube Trays
Notebooks & Notepads – Digitize Your Lists With Google Keep Official Documents – That Are No Longer Needed by Law
Old Toothbrushes
Only Worn Once Special Occasion Outfits, Dresses & Suits Paper Instructional Manuals – You Can Find Them All Online
Paper Warranties – Register A Warranty Online & Emailed To You Pens & Pencils That Don’t Work or You Don’t Use
Perfume & Cologne That No Longer Smell Good
Perfume & Cologne That You Don’t Like The Smell of
Phone Books – Both Personal & City Distributed
Physical Photos
Plastic Pots for Plants That Are No Longer Alive
Plastic Straws
Receipts – You Can Scan Them with a Scanner or an App Remote Controls That You Don’t Have a Device To Match To Restaurant Menus
Samples of Toiletries & Beauty Products
Scraps From Household & Artsy Projects
Scratched Glasses & Sunglasses
Scuffed & No Longer Used Phone Cases
Shelves & Bookcases
Single Gloves & Mittens
Single Socks
Skincare Items That Didn’t Work For Your Skin – It Happens
So Many Damn Souvenirs
Special Stationary For Actually Writing Letters
Sponges That Smell Worse Than Dirty Dish Water
Stained Rugs
Sticky Notes
Swim Wear That Doesn’t Flatter Your Figure
Takeout Cutlery
Takeout Sauce Packets
That Missing Piece Board Game
That Missing Piece Puzzle
That Moldy or Overstuffed Shower Caddy
That Passed Down China Collection That No One Eats Off Of That Thing That Catches All Things
That Used For One Month Blender
That Used For One Month Juicer
That Very Specific Kitchen Gadgets
Those Extra Buttons To Clothes You No Longer Have
Too Many & The-Weather-Beat-Them-Up Umbrellas
Too Many Baking Sheets
Too Many Coffee Mugs
Too Many Gift Bags
Too Many Reusable Grocery Bags
Too Many Vases
Uncomfortable & Worn Out Shoes
Undergarments That Have Lived Past Their Prime
Underutilized Apps on Your Phone
Underutilized Streaming Subscription Services
Unrealistic To Use Purses & Wallets
Unused Cleaning Supplies
Unused Matches
Unused or Broken Christmas Decorations
Unused Printers & Scanners
Unused Purses & Wallets
Unused Toys
Unused, Mismatched & Bent Hangers
Unworn Watches
Warped or Broken Hair Items
Worn or Donated Suitcases That You Never Use

What are you getting rid of before your Blaxit?

Stac_y With No E is a move abroad coach. To learn more about Stac_y With No E, visit

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  • All the shoes I now own – about 25 pairs. Probably not such a good idea, but they seem so associated with my here life {in the US}, that I don’t want to take them with me to my next life {in South Africa}. Definitely a ‘lot’ of stuff on your list here that will be going. Thanks!

    • Hi YIAM!

      Thank you for your feedback. I have not left yet, but I’ve been pairing down my things, which like you, includes minimizing my shoes. I now have 2 pairs of gym shoes and 8 pairs of casual/dress shoes. What got me started was a trip to the UPS store to see how much it would cost to ship “X” at “Y” weight in a “Z” sized box to Germany, Sweden , and Japan . . . and when I saw the $$$$ . . . . I came home and began to minimize my things.

      I’m glad that my list helped you.

      All The Best,

      Stac_y 🙂

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