Moving Abroad? Your Ultimate Pre-Blaxit Guide

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Things to Prepare Before You Move Abroad

Research your destination of interest

Your very first step before moving abroad is to get to know the locations you want to consider. This includes everything from the cost of living, climate, and culture to career opportunities. You also need to consider important aspects such as safety, access to healthcare, education, and other amenities. Blaxit Global recently posted an article about some of the best countries to consider. These include Vietnam, Ecuador, and Croatia.

Evaluate your finances

Living abroad can have major financial implications, so it’s important to evaluate your finances so that you can have a successful move abroad. This might mean you need to save more or spend less in the months before the move. Assessing your current income, saving, and debt so that you can create a realistic budget. In addition to understanding the cost of living in your destination country, you also need to factor in transportation expenses and fluctuating currency exchange rates. Depending on the country you may need to open a checking account in that country. You may also wish to open up an international checking account or use a currency transfer service like Wise.

Start the Decluttering Process

A move abroad requires careful consideration when it comes to your personal belongings. You’ll have to make some hard decisions on what you want to take with you, what to sell, donate, and if you wish to leave anything in storage. You can research international shipping options and get quotes from reputable moving companies. When it’s time to pack, make sure everything is secure and that you insure valuable items during transit, which the Insurance Information Institute asserts can give you peace of mind.

Digitize your documents

You will inevitably need some important documents while abroad. But who wants to lug around a file cabinet full of paper? While you should also have a paper copy, the goal is to create a PDF online​ so that you can reach everything from a copy of your passport to your Social Security card, no matter what type of computer or phone system you use. Digitizing your files prior to your move abroad and storing these documents securely in the cloud will save space, and ensure your files are organized, secure, and accessible when needed.

Other Move Abroad Tips
  • Let your current service providers know about your move. Schedule your utilities, internet, and mail forwarding where appropriate.
  • Get to know visa requirements before you go. If you wish to pursue citizenship in your destination country, you may have to live in the country for several years as a resident and meet other requirements first.
  • Make sure your key documents (ie: birth certificate, marriage license, etc) are available and up to date. This may also include your driver’s license and passport.

  • Stay open-minded. Remember, there are all sorts of new experiences to have. You may run into things that you have planned, such as a struggle to learn a new language. Embrace it.

There’s no reason to stay in a country where you aren’t happy and that doesn’t value you. When it’s time to say goodbye, having your game plan together can your transition abroad a smooth one.

For additional support in your move abroad, join us inside of Blaxit Global Passport, our private online community where we have workshops, accountability groups, and other resources to help make your move the best it can be.

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