Bonus Episode: Black Girl Burnout + Living Abroad with Kelley Bonner

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Surprise!!! While the Blaxit Global podcast is on hiatus, we decided to do an episode swap with Flourish in the Foreign, hosted by Season 2 guest, Christine Job. 

The Blaxit Global podcast will return for Season 5 with new episodes in January 2023! In the meantime, enjoy this special episode and subscribe to the Flourish in the Foreign podcast.

In this episode of Flourish in the Foreign, burnout expert and host of the Black Girl Burnout podcast, Kelley Bonner shares her insights on how living abroad can be a pathway to improve mental wellness.

  • What is Burn Out?
  • Understanding Anxiety & Trauma Dealing with Survivor’s Guilt Abroad
  • The Great Resignation + Moving Abroad Dating Abroad: Desirability v Fetishization
  • Can Living Abroad be a Pathway to Mental Wellness?
  • Embracing Softness

Chrishan Wright is the visionary behind Blaxit Global—an influential platform inspiring and empowering the African diaspora to embrace a life abroad. As the dynamic host of the Blaxit Global Podcast, Chrishan amplifies the stories of Black expats, weaving a narrative that transcends boundaries.

Chrishan's impact extends far beyond the podcast, as she's become a sought-after freelance journalist and speaker. Her compelling insights have garnered attention from media outlets including The New York Times, HuffPost, PBS, InStyle Magazine, The Houston Chronicle, Travel Noire, and more. As a speaker, she brings a unique perspective on the intersection of culture, identity, and the transformative power of relocation.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Chrishan is a devoted mother to two adult children. Fueling her passion for exploration, she embarked on her own journey, leaving the United States in 2023 to call Lisbon, Portugal, home. Chrishan's story is not just about relocation; it's a testament to the profound impact of embracing change and finding empowerment in the global tapestry of life. Join Chrishan on this transformative journey and let her experiences inspire your own adventure abroad.

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